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Liveability Conference

Interface Councils were a key part of the conversation at the 2017 Designing Healthy and Liveable Communities Conference on October 19 and 20 at RMIT University.

Representing all ten Interface Councils, Mitchell Shire Councils’ CEO, David Turnbull and Director, Advocacy and Community Services Mary Agostino, spoke about the need for a collective effort to provide better access to services and infrastructure in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

They also stressed the need to engage with local communities and their councils about what is required to increase the liveability of Melbourne’s outer suburbs and enable residents to access the same opportunities as the rest of Melbourne.

Interface Councils were pleased to be part of a great conference which showcased some exciting research. This research will hopefully enable all levels of government, the private and not-for- profit sectors and the communities themselves, to get a deeper understanding of liveability across Melbourne and collectively develop the solutions required to address inequities.

2017 Designing Healthy and Liveable Communities Conference

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