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It’s not about us. 
It’s about our people.


That's the 1.6 million residents living in Melbourne's outer suburbs.


Residents living in Melbourne’s outer suburbs love where they live. They love the combination of rural open spaces and urban living, and they are proud of the communities they are part of. 


However, our communities face exceptional liveability challenges as a result of increasingly rapid population growth, changing demographics and the impact of historic underfunding. All of these factors have left significant gaps in infrastructure and services and are compounded by the tyranny of distance.

Interface Councils is a group of 10 municipalities that form a ring around metropolitan Melbourne and advocate for better services and infrastructure for our residents. 

We have the vision that residents should have access to jobs, services and infrastructure no matter where they live. This is what unites us in our collective approach to improving outcomes for one quarter of the state’s population. This means making sure that our residents can get on with living their lives the way they want to live them. 

Take a look at the current state of liveability in Melbourne’s outer suburbs here.



Which municipalities do we represent?


The Interface Councils group is made up of ten Local Councils:​​


IFC map.png
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