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Offering local governments and their partners a method to coordinate early social planning for strong resilient communities. 



Interface Week provides an important opportunity for representatives of the Interface Councils - Mitchell, Hume, Wyndham, Melton, Whittlesea, Nillumbik, Yarra Range, Casey, Cardinia, and Mornington Peninsula - to share our perspectives on the challenges we face every day in building stronger communities.

About us


The Interface Councils group is made up of the 10 municipalities that form a ring around metropolitan Melbourne, representing 1.6 million residents living in the outer suburbs.

But it’s not about us.
It’s about our people.


45% of Victoria's Population Growth

Melbourne’s outer suburbs are accommodating almost 45% of the state’s populatioN growth

40% of residents don't live near public transpor

More than 40% of residents don't live near public transport


Only 0.51 jobs per person

Only 0.51 local jobs per workforce participant


Less than 1 GP per 1000 people

less than
1 local GP
per 1000 people


Highest levels of rental and mortgage stress in the state

Highest levels of rental and mortgage stress
in the state

The issues

Our purpose is to make sure there is a collective response to ensuring people living in Melbourne's outer suburbs can get on with their lives, the way they want to live them.